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Parkfield clubs

Breakfast Club 8am - 8.45am


Each day Breakfast Club opens at 8 am. The children can be safely left to have a nutritious breakfast and an active start to the day.

The children have a choice at breakfast and they have opportunities to do art, creative activities, and sports. 

The cost to the pupils is £2.00 per day for all children who attend Parkfield from Reception to Yr 6.

Breakfast club is also available to our youngest children who attend both our 2-year-olds' nursery (Apples and Pears) and our 3-year-olds' nursery (Cherries).


There are different charges because of the extra staffing required for such young children. Please ask about this at the office. 

After school club until 4.30pm

Parkfield Tea Club is run for children from the end of school until 4.30 


Places are available for children from Reception to year 6

The cost for a session is £5.00 and this must be pre-booked and paid for.  If you do not use the booked session the money is not refundable. 

Priority will be given to children of  parents who are currently studying at college and those working.  


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