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Our Curriculum

At Parkfield Primary School we believe that all children are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum which is interesting, engaging and provides a range of opportunities that help develop their life long learning. 

Our curriculum is designed for our Parkfield Community.  The majority of our children speak more than one language - in fact they can speak over 50 languages between them!   They are also proud to represent many cultural backgrounds.  Learning at Parkfield reflects this diversity - we value everyone's beliefs and experiences, continually learning from each other. 

Our Curriculum is also designed to ensure that every child has the opportunity to:

  • develop positive attitudes, healthy relationships and essential life and work skills

  • make informed choices, gain experiences and develop a sense of responsibility 

  • know that their experiences and talents are valued and be proud to share them

We strive to motivate and excite the children and make them active partners in their own learning 

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how our teachers plan and deliver our connected curriculum
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