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We are very proud of our uniform and we expect all our children to take pride in wearing it. Curriculum newsletters tell each class which days they should wear PE kit. 

The compulsory part of Parkfield uniform (with Logo) can be purchased from the school office. 

The following items can be purchased at a number of retailers ; Plain navy PE tracksuit, black trousers, black skirts, black shoes and plain black or white trainers.

If you click on the link you will see exactly what is required for your child

Note: Throughout the year there will be opportunities to buy second hand uniforms from the school and you will get a text alerting you to this. If you are finding it difficult to purchase a uniform please contact the school office or contact Mr Catley our learning mentor. We are always happy to help.
Library book bag
School Polo Shirt Yr1-Yr6
School Cardigan Yr1 -Yr6
School Jumper 
Trainers for PE   Plain Black or Plain White
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